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We bring people together for a unforgetable wedding or commercial meetings

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[title_p_text align=”center” top_title=”Momente si amintiri” top_title_color=”#73736b” top_title_part_1=”Club” top_title_part_2=”HOLIDAY” top_title_part_1_color=”#31312c” top_title_part_2_color=”#a56600″ text_content=”Toate starea ta de spirit romantic și imaginația este dedicată detaliile acestei nunta ideala, rochia de nunta, locul de desfășurare a ceremoniei și recepție.”]
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For one of the most important days of your life, Vienna Hotel has a team of professionals who will advise you so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed from the first moment.

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The inviting space to enjoy breakfast on the first days of your new life, the enchanting views of the infinite blue ocean, and the private pool which gives you a sense of being on the same level.

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Extensive Experience in Organizing Weddings

The wedding day is surely one of most romantic event in a couple’s life. The flowers, wedding dress and setting evoke a certain magic. Our wedding vendors will help you plan a wedding to be remembered for years to come.

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[title_p_text align=”center” top_title=”How we can help” top_title_color=”#73736b” top_title_part_1=”With Business ” top_title_part_2=”Events” top_title_part_1_color=”#31312c” top_title_part_2_color=”#5aa300″ text_content=”Here is just the place for conferences, seminars, strategy meetings and so forth.We make sure that you can work undisturbed, away from the hustle of everyday business.”]
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The spacious conference room is located on the ground floor of the hotel. Equipped with the latest technology, this impressive-looking room lends itself to seminars, meetings of all kinds and video conferences.

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[ul type=”check”][li]Video and teleconferencing systems[/li] [li]Computer projector and screen[/li] [li]Internet and wi-fi[/li] [li]Nespresso coffee machine[/li] [li]Flip charts, pin boards, facilitator’s case[/li] [li]Air-conditioning[/li][/ul]
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[ul type=”check”][li]Up to 12 persons[/li] [li]Use of spa, pools and gym[/li] [li]Internet and wi-fi[/li] [li]Nespresso coffee machine[/li] [li]Flip charts, pin boards, facilitator’s case[/li] [li]Air-conditioning[/li][/ul]
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Are you planning a seminar lasting several days or a conference? Hotel is equipped with up-to-the minute presentation technology, the meeting room is suited to meetings, presentations and group activities.

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“Our conference was a huge success so a big thank you to you all for helping make that happen. The feedback we have received so far is very positive with the excellent food and facilities mentioned more than a few times.”

John Smith_Enavto Team
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